About the company

Brīvais Vilnis is a fish processing company with more than 70 years of history in Northern Latvia, on the banks of the Salaca River and the Baltic Sea. Experienced but always forward-looking, innovative, and in tune with the demands and expectations of fish consumers. If you would like to see how Brīvais Vilnis and its products have evolved and grown over time – take a look here.

Brivais Vilnis currently offers more than 100 different canned fish products in more than 40 countries – from the historically proven sprats, sprats and fish pate to gift sets and innovations developed by Brivais Vilnis food technologists in response to consumer preferences and interests.


The product is our business card. It must carry the name of the company and the country of origin confidently around the world. Having firm values and innovative products, Brīvais Vilnis balances history with the present and the future.


Employee, partner, or consumer - we value respectful treatment and naturally motivated engagement. A safe and respectable place to work. Open and respectful cooperation. Natural products, quality, and truthful information on ingredients. This is important to us because it is human.


Time holds significance for both our customers and our company. We provide products designed for convenience and immediate use in any setting. While we cherish our heritage, preserving traditions, knowledge, and specific products, we also actively shape the present and future through the introduction of innovative production techniques and food technologies.


Steady growth based on an awareness of the company's capabilities and a pragmatic approach to new markets. Brīvais Vilnis is a reliable company for partners, suppliers, and consumers.


Responsibility for our environment, people, and ingredients is one of the key elements in the sustainability efforts of Brīvais Vilnis. Our products are on the shelves globally, but as the biggest taxpayer in the district, we take responsibility to support the development of our motherland.

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Our story

Salacgrīva fishermen's collective farm "Brīvais Vilnis" and its importance for the town

1949. In 2007, the fishermen’s collective farm “Brīvais Vilnis” was founded in Salacgrīva through a decision made by the Ministry of Fish Industry of the Latvian USSR. Since its establishment, Brīvais Vilnis has remained a cornerstone of Salacgrīva, serving as the town’s largest employer and contributor to local tax revenue. The money from the collective farm was used to build Salacgrīva’s school, cultural centre, many residential houses, and other town infrastructure facilities

Preservation and use of Soviet-era industrial buildings and infrastructure

1985. A production facility was constructed, representing a typical example of Soviet-era industrial reinforced concrete construction. This facility remains operational to this day. Additionally, a cold storage facility was erected during that period, noteworthy for its environmentally friendly refrigeration process that does not involve ozone-depleting Freon. Furthermore, a boiler house was established, powered by wood chips as a sustainable energy source.

Conservation of historic production facilities and interior

The company takes care of both the premises and the historic production equipment on a daily basis, so that most of them are in excellent working condition and still in service today. The interior deliberately retains the historic, Soviet-era style, providing an invaluable experience for visitors on factory tours.

From collective farm to joint stock company

1992. In 2007, Brīvais Vilnis became a public limited company, specializing in fishing and canned fish production. Brīvais Vilnis is one of the companies that owns the “Rīgas šprotes” (Riga sprats) trademark.

Preserving historic labels and design today

The style of the product labels is also maintained in the historical Soviet design, complimented with modern and market requirements.
Particular attention is paid to the design of the “Tsar Sprat”, which was developed in 1905. The product was launched in Riga in 2007 and is still actively used in the premium sprat segment.

Production and export of high-quality canned sprats

The company traditionally produces top quality canned sprats and was the first in Latvia to introduce the production of figural cans (Dingls and Hansa). Since the 1980s, it has exported canned fish products abroad.
The company’s experts have introduced many innovations, recipes and new developments in the canned fish production process.

Packaging innovation with international partners

In collaboration with the Swiss company O Klein, Brīvais Vilnis developed the transparent cap, which is now becoming very popular and sought-after. The plastic cap is easier to open and the product is visible through it. Together with the German company Vaidenhamer, a high-quality clear plastic can was developed that is better than glass and makes the product taste better than any other packaging.

Brīvais Vilnis is an important company in Latvia and internationally

The company is a Gold Member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a member of the Latvian Labour and Social Development Committee, a member of the Latvian Confederation of Private Employers, and one of the first implementers of the EAN code in Latvia. The company has won many awards, certificates of recognition, and medals at international exhibitions. Currently, Brīvais Vilnis exports 80% of its products to 40 countries.
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On 19.10.2017., Brīvais Vilnis signed contract no. SKV-L-2017/507 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for support under the measure “Promotion of International Competitiveness”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.