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Firm values of Brīvais Vilnis, tested over the years


The product is our business card. It must carry the name of the company and the country of origin confidently around the world. Having firm values and innovative products, Brīvais Vilnis balances history with the present and the future.


Employee, partner, or consumer - we value respectful treatment and naturally motivated engagement. A safe and respectable place to work. Open and respectful cooperation. Natural products, quality, and truthful information on ingredients. This is important to us because it is human.


Time holds significance for both our customers and our company. We provide products designed for convenience and immediate use in any setting. While we cherish our heritage, preserving traditions, knowledge, and specific products, we also actively shape the present and future through the introduction of innovative production techniques and food technologies.


Steady growth based on an awareness of the company's capabilities and a pragmatic approach to new markets. Brīvais Vilnis is a reliable company for partners, suppliers, and consumers.


Responsibility for our environment, people, and ingredients is one of the key elements in the sustainability efforts of Brīvais Vilnis. Our products are on the shelves globally, but as the biggest taxpayer in the district, we take responsibility to support the development of our motherland.