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Eggplant Rolls with Sprats

Eggplant rolls with sprat – a recipe that shows the versatility of canned fish and the unconventional fusion of flavours. It is a celebration of gastronomic creativity – although it takes a little bit time to prepare it will surprise you both in taste and aesthetics. A mix of cashews and walnuts will definitely show you a new side to this more modern style of cooking. You’re guaranteed to taste sweet and tart pomegranate juice that brightens the whole dish. And to top it all off this eggplant roll is also complimented by an iconic mix of flavors including garlic, butter, lemon and dill. Great food is about exploring new tastes and understanding what fuels your inner chef. Next dinner, try to push yourself out of your comfort zone by making some eggplant rolls with sprats.

Chikhirtma with salmon

The recipe of Chikhirtma showcases the incredible versatility of salmon. It’s a delightful twist on the traditional soup, replacing its classic ingredients with the robust flavor of canned salmon and other special elements. The soup is packed with other healthy ingredients like quinoa and aromatic herbs, transforming a humble can of fish into an extraordinary culinary masterpiece. The wide range of ingredients used in Chikhirtma also offers a great depth of flavor. Imagine juicy salmon paired with earthy quinoa. On top of that the aromatic herbs and savory spices complement the natural richness of the salmon, creating a rainbow of the best of land and sea. The Chikhirtma is not just about creating a stunning dish but also about embracing the simplicity of cooking with canned fish. Now you can create stunning meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Go on a culinary journey with Brīvais Vilnis which is known for its diverse selection of high-quality canned fish.

Omelette Roll with Cream Cheese and Salmon

This is a meal that guarantees to make your mornings brighter – the Omelette Roll with Cream Cheese and Salmon. This dish is a harmonious blend where the omelette is layered with cream cheese and a mix of salmon, capers, and shallots, creating a fusion of flavors that will leave you speechless. As well as being packed with nutrients, the salmon has a deep and rich flavor that can really enhance any dish. The Omelette Roll is an excellent showcase for this delicious canned fish, combining its richness with the creaminess of the cheese and the freshness of various herbs.

Burger with Tuna and Cheddar Sauce

This burger with tuna and cheddar sauce is more than just a meal; it’s an experience that combines comfort, indulgence, and culinary finesse. Whether you’re looking for a satisfying lunch or an indulgent dinner, this burger is sure to please your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. We can all recognise a classic burger – patty between two buns with some lettuce, tomatoes and a sauce. This dish completely turns the idea of a burger on its head by delivering something that still gives you the comfort of a burger experience while surprising you with flavors of Brīvais Vilnis grilled tuna and creamy cheddar sauce. So the next time you plan to visit a burger place consider making yourself something that you will remember and be proud of because this burger is a complete showstopper. Treat yourself and your guests to an indulgent experience by making a burger with tuna and cheddar sauce.

Kindzmari with Salmon

Brīvais Vilnis, the renowned Northern European fish processing company, invites you to experience a unique culinary journey with an exciting twist on traditional Georgian cuisine – Kindzmari with Salmon. The star of this vibrant dish is unquestionably the Brīvais Vilnis Grilled Salmon, i, whose rich flavour enhances every bite and adds a touch of luxury to the comforting warmth of the Kindzmari. Drizzled with flavorful salmon oil and served with crunchy grissini breadsticks, this dish promises a truly exquisite dining experience. The addition of greens provides a burst of freshness, while a touch of grape vinegar brings in a tangy twist. So, why not embrace the opportunity to add a gourmet flair to your everyday meals? Start by exploring the possibilities of multicultural cooking with a staple of Georgian cuisine – Kindzmari.

Mackerel in grape leaves

Try the tempting recipe that takes you straight to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean – mackerel in grape leaves. The dish highlights the flavour of mackerel, complemented by fresh herbs and crispy grape leaves. The spicy mackerel stands out at the centre of the dish, its flavour enhanced by a mixture of garlic, coriander, parsley and the spiciness of red chilli. Rice combined with lemon juice adds freshness and balances the strong flavour of the mackerel. The sour cream sauce with fresh cucumber gives the dish a refreshing combination. The fantastic mackerel on the vine leaves not only shows the variety of uses for canned fish, but also reflects Mediterranean cuisine. With simple, fresh ingredients, everyone can create great meals, even if they don’t have all day to cook. Enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean with mackerel in grape leaves. This dish is just more proof that the simplest dishes stand out the most.

Pasta with tuna

Take a culinary journey to Italy with a staple from Brīvais Vilnis, the prestigious Northern European fish processing company renowned for its high-grade canned fish. Give a classic Italian dish the makeover of a lifetime with our exciting recipe. It celebrates the italian staple by adding seafood to a medley of vegetables creating the ultimate comfort dish – Pasta with Tuna. This dish also incorporates loads of citrus flavors by combining orange and lime zest with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. These juicy fruits make sure that your dish will still be light while filling your stomach with delicious pasta and crispy rice noodles. The Pasta with Tuna recipe stands as a proof to the endless culinary possibilities when using canned fish. Now you can literally create restaurant-quality food in less time than it takes to watch your favorite Netflix series. Let’s embark on a gastronomic journey that combines the heartiness of Italy with the flavors of the tropics. Remember, gourmet dining can be a part of your everyday routine if you cook dishes that are not only simple to make but also extremely delicious.

Fresh Soup with Salmon

Enjoy the rustic charm of home cooking with Brīvais Vilnis, the Northern European fish processing company renowned for its high-quality canned fish. Today, let’s transform a simple bowl of soup into a remarkable gourmet delight as we prepare Fresh Soup with Salmon. This Fresh Soup with Salmon demonstrates the versatility of canned fish and how it can be the cornerstone of a gourmet meal. Mix of fresh herbs and garlic give the soup freshness while sour cream and butter make sure the broth is creamy and brings warmth to your soul. Appreciate the rustic charm of home-cooked meals with the high-quality canned fish. The Fresh Soup with Salmon showcases the versatility of canned fish, creating a gourmet delight with a mix of fresh herbs, garlic, sour cream, butter, and a touch of lemon juice – ingredients that you are very likely to find in your kitchen.

Salad with Tuna

There is nothing better than a quality product served in a simple yet sophisticated way that allows the full range of flavours of a culinary classic like grilled tuna to be enjoyed. This Salad with Tuna is a fresh and delicious way to enjoy the tuna fillet. A variety of vibrant vegetables such as bell peppers, cucumber, and tomatoes provide a crisp contrast to the soft, rich tuna. Additionally, a mix of fruit including plums and oranges, adds a sweetness that perfectly complements the overall taste. Poached eggs are carefully placed into the salad, providing a rich and creamy accent to the freshness of the dish. The salad also includes quinoa, which not only adds a pleasant crunch but also makes sure that you meet your health goals. To finish, a sprinkling of black tobiko gives a hint of the sea and a delightful pop of flavor. This Salad with Tuna is a colorful, nutritious, and satisfying dish, perfect for any meal. Discover the versatility of tuna in this explosion of flavor.

Poached eggs with salmon on a toast

Embrace the luxury of fine dining from the comfort of your own home. This time, we’re reimagining a classic breakfast staple with a touch of Brīvais Vilnis salmon – presenting Poached Eggs with Salmon on a Toast. This recipe showcases the beauty of using canned fish, demonstrating its potential from simple everyday ingredient to the star of your breakfast table. It’s a proof of the ease and elegance of everyday luxury. Perfectly poached eggs with runny yolks, placed on a crispy and golden toast. But what takes this dish to the next level is the addition of Brīvais Vilnis grilled salmon. It’s tender and flavorful – guaranteed to bring a touch of luxury to every bite. So, heat up your pots and pans, grab a can of Brīvais Vilnis Salmon, and start your day with a bit of luxury. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it one to remember?