At Brīvais Vilnis, we are committed to preserving the time-tested methods our food technologists have perfected over the years for processing fish, including producing items like cooked fish in oil or fish fillets in tomato sauce. Simultaneously, we are equally dedicated to the rigorous process of innovating and creating new and exciting fish products. Regardless of the way the fish is processed and which flavours or sauces are added, one thing remains unchanged: the quality.

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Most popular products

Herring fillets in oil with spices
Net mass: 190 g
68% herring fillets (Clupea harengus, N. Atlantic), 30,6% rapeseed oil, 1% salt, 0,4% spices
Riga sprats ASORTI in a metal tin
Net mass: 800 g
This set gives you the perfect opportunity to taste 5 different sprat products – classic, with spices, with the taste of lemon, with garlic, and in tomato sauce.
Sprats in oil “Gold & Silver”
Net mass: 120 g
70% smoked and lightly dried sprat (Sprattus Sprattus, Baltic Sea), 29% rapeseed oil, 1% salt
Riga ASORTI Sprats
Net mass: 360 g
Riga sprats in oil, Sprats in oil “Gold & Silver”, Sprats in olive oil